Dr Mark A Snoswell

Dr Mark A Snoswell

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Username * MarkSnoswell
Country * Australia
City Mylor
Nationality Australian


Website www.ballisticpublishing.com


Founder and first president of CGSociety.
Founder and director of Ballistic Media - Ballistic Publishing.

Wife: Helen -- co-founder CGSociety and Ballistic Media.

Kids: Aidan and Ariana.
Creator of EXPOSE, d'artiste and other Ballistic book series.

Other: Developer of revolutionary green energy technologies www.chavaScience.com www.chavaWind.com www.chavaEnergy.com

I wrote the inspirational stories for the challenges, help people with scripts.

I am developing fantasy fiction book series with my son Aidan.

Favorite books:
Neuromancer, Snow Crash, Diamond Age... way too many to list. We have a huge library of SF and Fantasy.